GoPro Fusion Disney California Adventure 360 video (stabilized) Cars Land Racers spatial audio

GoPro Fusion sample 360 video of Cars Land aka Radiator Springs at Disney’s California Adventure, with stabilization and 360 spatial audio. Turn the 360 video around and listen to the sound change. The video also shows GoPro Fusion’s low light video capability (starting 00:38 of the video)

California Adventure is a Disney theme park next to Disneyland, with many areas that come from Pixar movies. One of them is Radiator Springs Racers, which is my favorite attraction at California Adventure. SPOILER ALERT: I think nearly everyone has seen the first Cars movie, but in case you haven’t, this ride does feature many scenes from the movie.
In this VR video, watch the full ride in stabilized 360 with 360 spatial audio! If you wear earphones, the sound will change as you rotate the video. Also try experiencing it with a Google Cardboard or VR headset! Don’t worry – it’s stabilized with a forward view so won’t have to keep turning around. But it’s still 360 so you CAN rotate the screen, or look around in a VR headset!
This video was shot with the GoPro Fusion. Here’s my detailed review: