Google G1 Vs Google G2 – First Android Phone and the New HTC Magic

The HTC G1 was the first Google Android model and the HTC Magic also known as the Vodafone G2 is its sequel; this is probably the best introduction for these two handsets. Although the new Magic model is quite similar in looks to its predecessor the G1 you cannot ignore certain specifications and advanced technology found in HTC G2. If you compare the two models you will notice the similarities that make both these handsets a worthy investment.

If you are buying a new handset and confused over the two models then here are some suggestions penned especially for you.

The first and foremost difference between the Magic and HTC G1 is that the new model does not have the keyboard utility. It does have a one touch screen. If you want the keyboard then opt for the original G1 model, without any regrets as it will surely support your kind of work, though you may have to forego on a little advanced specifications. At first glance the pictures of HTC Magic may impress you but it would be a better option if it had a keyboard or a multi-touch option.

Let’s evaluate the salient features of both the HTC Magic as well as HTC G1

Display: The G1 and the HTC G2 both come with a 3.2 inch TFT-LCD flat and a touch sensitive screen with a resolution of 320 * 480.

Keyboard: The original model has a keyboard that slides out and is preferred by many as sending text messages and sending e-mails become easy when time is so precious. The new Magic edition has a virtual keyboard (touch screen).

Network: In the UK, the network provider for G1 is T-mobile and Vodafone is the network provider for HTC G2.

Video recording: The first Android model does not support video recording facility and it is considered a drawback with this model but video recording and playback facility is supported by HTC Magic which is one of its main advantages.

GPS: Both the models have GPS facility which helps to find destinations quickly and very efficiently. The G1 model has a GPS receiver and the HTC G2 model comes with an internal GPS antenna.

Weight: The HTC Magic model is sleeker and slimmer than the G1 model as the second edition weighs 118 g with battery and the original edition weighs 158 g with battery included.

Talk time: It is observed that G1 model supports 5h of talk time whereas its superior counterpart the Magic supports 7h 30 m of talk time and so preferred by people who communicate a lot.

We have discussed the major differences and similarities between these two awesome handsets; you can always have your own conclusion after using them. Since the new Magic model does not posses a physical keyboard it is often compared to the iPhone which uses touch screen for typing. But, people still prefer the traditional G1 keyboard and it is one of the original models main advantages. Both have and improved talk time and the software is quite similar in both the phones although the HTC Magic has an edge of an advantage.

Source by Andrew Ramsey