God of War’s David Jaffe ‘Fantastically Immersed’ by Google Cardboard

    There’s no doubt that game developers and designers are all wondering if they should jump on board the virtual reality (VR) train, and some have been more open than others. Game designer and contributor to Twisted Metal and God of War, David Jaffe, has expressed his love of VR and is more than enthusiastic to work on a video game for it.

    Featured on a GirlsAskGuys article, Jaffe talks about the emerging technology, explicit in his excitement and preference. The designer compared his experience with the Oculus Rift and Google Cardboard, surprisingly saying that he preferred the less technologically complicated of the two. He went on to recount the first time he used the Google Cardboard: “It wasn’t a game, it was just like this medieval D&D setting where you wandered through the floors of this amazing castle. I just stood in my bedroom literally going, ‘wow, wow, oh my God,’ because I had traveled to this fantasy world and I was actually there! I’m just a massive fan.

    Jaffe went on to talk about when to use VR to enhance storytelling, saying: “The idea is that when you ‘gamify’ VR, you have to present the player with challenges and obstacles that sucks them in, so if we do something with VR, we want to make a product that lasts the gamer a long time. We don’t just want to do it to make a game for virtual reality, you know?”

    Needless to say, Jaffe seems to be more than impressed by VR and doesn’t shy away from the prospect of producing a VR game.

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