GDC 2016 Liveblogs: “Women Lead VR” Panel

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    GDC 2016 Liveblogs: “Women Lead VR”
    In this panel CEOs featuring Christina Heller of VR Playhouse, Christine Cattano of Framestore, Shannon Gans from New Deal Studios and Nonny De la Peña from Emblematic Group discuss discuss V content creation and diversity.

    “Executives from four women-led VR companies discuss production in this emerging medium and the value of bringing diverse voices into the creation of meaningful, impactful content. With backgrounds in traditional film and television, journalism, digital content, and tech, each panelist will discuss her path to virtual reality and unique perspective inside the VR ecosystem. They will explore the ways they’ve navigated this traditionally homogenized industry to rise to its forefront, and where one can find biggest opportunities for new voices in 2016.”

    You can follow the liveblog below:

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