Garmin VIRB 360: 5.7K Video Test at the Beach

This is a 5.7K 360 video shot with the Garmin Virb 360. The VIRB can shoot 360 video at 5.7K, but you need to stitch it manually. I did so with the Mettal Skybox plugin for after effects. It’s a fairly easy process once you’ve done it a few times, but working out the resolution and rendering settings took me a while (still not sure if I’m doing it right). A better option may be to downscale 5.7K video into 4K, which should result in better looking video than the normal 4K option (disappointing that the camera can’t do this itself!)
This 15 second video was over 2GB in size! So beware of huge file sizes when uploadng in 5.7K