FREEZE FRAME CLONE TRAIL effect in MOVING SCENES – MOTION TRAIL effect with a 360 camera | Gaba_VR

I show you how to recreate the well-known Freeze frame clone trail effect or Motion trail effect from music videos (like One Direction’s “You and I” or Ariana Grande’s “The Light is Coming”) with a 360 camera. And for further 360 contents and tutorials, subscribe to my YouTube channel:

In this video I show you the secret of a very spectacular video effect in an advanced version, with a moving camera. And these are not only small movements, like cropping into a 4K video, but in certain cases they can be really big ones, like panning or following somebody crossing the scene. Or there can be some random movements looking quite unpredictable for the viewers. So it’s a really cool technique with a lot of freedom.

I show you how to shoot and edit for the best results with some advanced reframing and masking techniques.


Created by Gaba VR (Gabor Szidor N.)

Music: Ikson
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