FOVE Updates Hardware and Software Over the Past Month

    FOVE has been busy so far this year with the development of its eye-tracking virtual reality (VR) head-mounted display )(HMD) which first took off on Kickstarter last year. It has successfully gained a large sum of funding, as well as release smaller SDK updates. The company has now released a summary of its activity the past month, and there are a few more updates to be had.

    Located in Tokyo, Japan, the hardware side of FOVE have been working on the speeding up product development, which has been helped by locating tech between Tokyo, Taiwan, and China.

    “To build a device like this, we need to source the parts first. That is what our suppliers are for, and the ones we work with are mostly located in Taiwan. We want to keep an active dialogue going with them because, well, the FOVE headset is a sum of its parts and our suppliers provide us with those parts.

    “After sourcing the parts and finalizing the design with a working prototype, we work with a factory in China to turn it into a physical product. After all, there’s only so many headsets that our hardware team can build with our 3D-printers in a week. We’ve been making visits to the factory to ensure that things run smoothly and everything is ready for when FOVE headsets start flowing through the production lines.”

    There have also been two software updates, including two plugins that are currently live and available to download, which are the FOVE SDK v0.4.3A and the Unity Plugin v0.4.3A. FOVE also assures that the much awaited NVIDIA Direct Mode should be live in its next SDK release which has no time attached to it.

    For more on the latest updates on VR hardware, as well as all the news and updates in the world of VR, make sure to check back with VRFocus.

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