Figment VR Sails Past Kickstarter Funding Goal

    A couple of weeks ago VRFocus reported on a Kickstarter crowd funding campaign launched by Quantum Bakery for a device called Figment VR. The idea being to combine a virtual reality (VR) viewer with a phone case, so that users can enjoy a VR experience anywhere, without having to transport a headset like Google Cardboard. The campaign has been a success with the funding goal of $75,000 USD hit within 6 days of launch.

    Currently (at time of writing) the funding campaign has raised $91,600 USD with 43 days still left to go. Quantum Bakery has made mention in its updates of possible stretch goals but hasn’t listed any at the moment.

    Figment VR’s main selling points are its compactness and mobility, as other mobile head-mounted displays (HMDs), are essentially boxes that users slot a smartphone into.The protective phone case is designed for the iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus, iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus. It works by users easily sliding some triggers to fold out a pair of lenses that extend round to the front of the device to face the screen.

    The kit should support apps compatible with Google Cardboard and other similar headsets, allowing users to view a wealth of content created by 360 degree video companies, including Jaunt VR and Vrse.

    The MSRP price will be $79 USD when the case launches next year, but there’re still limited quantities available on the $55 USD reward tiers for anyone interested. VRFocus will continue to follow the progress of Figment VR’s campaign, reporting back with any new announcements.


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