Epic Providing HTC Vive Pre Developer Kits for Mind Meld VR Design Contest

    FMX 2016 is taking place this week in Stuttgart, Germany and part of the event is the Mind Meld VR Design Contest. And for the teams entering the contest Epic Games is collaborating with organisers Cut&Paste to provide HTC Vive Pre developer kits.

    For Mind Meld there’s two contests. In the first artists must team up in pairs to design original virtual reality (VR) environments that incorporates the theme of ‘Easter Eggs’. For the second teams must create 3D or 2D assets for the environments.

    Alongside Epic providing HTC Vive’s through the Unreal Dev Grant program, Cut&Paste has teamed up with HP, Intel and Wacom to supply HP Z Workstations and Wacom Cintiqs, to give FMX attendees a way to experiment in VR design for scene concepts and assets. The teams will also have access to two videogame development engines, Unreal Engine and Unity with various 3D and 2D software, pre-made assets, animations and effects for quick-and-easy creation.

    And for those entering the contest there’s some prizes in-store. Each member of the winning team will receive a HP ZBook 15″ and a Wacom Intuos Pro.

    VRFocus will continue its coverage of FMX 2016, reporting back any new updates.