Epic Games’ FMX VR Jam 2016 Announced

    Taking place in Stuttgart, Germany is the annual FMX 2016 conference which begins tomorrow. The event will cover art, technology and business with an overriding theme titled ‘Blending Realities’. As part of the three day conference Epic Games will be holding a virtual reality (VR) jam with an introduction talk to its Unreal Engine middleware being held before hand.

    Luis Cataldi, Education Evangelist, Epic Games will be hosting the Intro to Unreal Engine Virtual Reality workshop, designed to familiarize participants prior to the FMX VR Jam. Cataldi will discuss the basics of Unreal Engine while also showcasing the design obstacles and opportunities that exist within VR.

    Only the VR Jam participants will be able to attend the talk which begins tomorrow at 10:00 am. The jam will then start at 2pm CET with updates posted via the Unreal Engine Facebook and Twitter channels.

    Further details on the VR Jam, including the theme and pre-selected teams are being kept quiet at the moment, with information to be revealed once the event is underway via social media. What Epic Games has announced is that members of the winning team will each be awarded a HTC Vive Pre developer kit for their efforts.

    VRFocus will continue its coverage of FMX 2016, reporting back any further announcements.