Ep. 144: Brand New Gear and Full-Frame Mirrorless Rumors – and more

Episode 144 of the PetaPixel Photography Podcast.
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Featured: Rock photographer Mike Corrado

In This Episode

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Rock photographer Mike Corrado opens the show. Thanks Mike!

Stronger rumors and potential specs of a full-frame Canon mirrorless body that is said to be coming in 2017 along with a DSLR version.

Photoshop alternative GIMP looks to take things to a new level. (#)

Fujifilm announces its X-T20 with nice improvements over its predecessor. (#)

A very nice Fujinon XF 50mm f/2 WR for Fujifilm X-mount bodies. (#)

Canon is granted thousands of patents in 2016. (#)

PPA’s grassroots program to establish a small claims copyright court. (#)

Fujifilm’s mirrorless medium format GFX 50S is aggressively priced and may woo photographers otherwise at the higher end of the DSLR market. (#)

Time is running out to snag the 5DayDeal Complete Photography Business and Marketing Bundle 2017. (#)

A drone video production company in Chicago gets a stiff penalty from the FAA. (#)


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