EHang Launches Ghost 2.0 Drone with VR Device

    Arial drones have proved very popular in recent years for videographers and photographers to capture imagery that would be difficult to capture any other way. EHang, an Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) technology company, today released the newest version of its popular drone, The Ghost 2.0. One of the drones main features are the virtual reality (VR) goggles, letting users see directly out of the “eyes” of the drone in real time, allowing pilots to take flight in the “cockpit” of the Ghost 2.0.

    Other major features of the Ghost 2.0 drone include ‘Tilt Control’ enabling consumers to steer with their phone instead of complex RCA controls or “point and tap” app navigation. Pilots operate the drone through EHang’s mobile app, which is compatible with both iOS and Android devices. Tilt Control can then used with the VR goggles allowing users precise control over the drone without the bulk of additional hardware. Due to the goggles built-in sensitivity to movement: when you turn your head, the camera turns as well.

    EHang Ghost 2 Drone

    Derrick Xiong, co-founder and CMO of EHang said in a statement “Our mission from the beginning has been to bring drones to everyone, and this brings us closer to that reality. We’re just scratching the surface of what drones can do and will continue pushing the envelope and innovating to fully deliver on our vision.”

    “With the combination of avatar tilt mode and EHang Virtual Reality Goggle, even amateurs can master advanced aerial filming techniques,” he added.

    The Ghost 2.0 will initially be sold on the EHang site, then available for pre-order on Amazon, and will also hit the shelves at Fry’s and Hobbico stores. The company will offer a $100 discount to the first 100 customers to buy the new version, and will also roll out a trade-up program for owners of the first Ghost drone.

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