Dunk some Baskets with Hoops VR on HTC Vive

    The HTC Vive has seen its fair share of new content arrive via Steam over the last week with the latest being Hoops VR. Developed by Wizard Games Inc., Hoops VR is a basketball free throw simulation.

    Designed to test players basketball skills utilising the Vive’s positional-tracked motion controllers, there’s a normal mode which based on real-world dimensions of a standard basketball and hoop while easy mode comes with wider and closer basketball hoops keeping the game accessible for new players. Hoops VR features randomly generated hoops to keep gameplay interesting and fast-paced, this also means that more experienced players still have a challenge.

    To mix things up two other slightly no standard modes are featured. One is Garbage Mode where players through fruit, flaming basketballs and other items into hoops. The other is Paper Airplane Mode which sort of explains itself. This time the hoops are vertical rather than horizontal.

    While Hoops VR only features singleplayer, there are online and local leaderboards to add that competitive edge to the gameplay.

    As with a lot of new VR videogames on Steam Hoops VR comes with a limited time discount available for early adopters. Until 27th June 2016 you can pick up the title for £5.94 GBP, rather than £6.99 making a 15 percent saving.

    There maybe a few different sports titles for VR but Hoops VR is the first basketball videogame on the HTC Vive. The headset already features several golf, bowling, archery and pool titles for Vive owners among the myriad of shooters and puzzle projects.

    VRFocus will continue its HTC Vive coverage, reporting back with the latest Steam releases.