Day-to-night effect and sky replacement with Insta360’s SKY SWAP in a minute on smartphone | Gaba_VR

I show you a really cool day-to-night effect and complete sky replacement you can achieve with a 360 camera and the free Insta360 smartphone app. And it’s quite a big deal, if you think about how much editing work you need to get a perfect sky-replacement using traditional editing tools.

This time I manage to create a day to night effect using AI.


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0:00 Introduction
0:49 Sample footage we’ll create
1:16 Sky Swap effect in Insta360 app
1:25 Importing video in Insta360 Studio
1:40 Creating day-to-night effect
3:04 Adding moving stars on an empty night sky
3:41 Exporting
4:06 Final thoughts

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Created by Gaba VR (Gabor Szidor N.)
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