Crytek Partners With IEEE for VR First Program

    Crytek has invested a great amount of energy into virtual reality (VR) with its own engine, VR videogame, The Climb, and initiative to help the growth of the industry, Crytek’s VR First Program. Big partners such as AMD have shown their support of the program, and the next big company to get on board is the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE).

    The VR First program is spreading to seven new academic institutions in North America with support from AMD, Leap Motion, OSVR, Razer, and now IEEE who is the world’s largest association for the advancement of technology and supports over 2,300 universities.

    Yu Yuan, Chair of the IEEE Digital Senses Initiative, said, “The IEEE Digital Senses Initiative is pleased to be a partner in the VR First initiative. We believe that virtual reality, as well as augmented reality, will have a great impact on all aspects of industry.”

    Tom Coughlin, Director of the IEEE Region 6 and Chair of the IEEE Consumer Electronics Society Future Directions Committee, spoke about the implications of joining the VR First Initiative, saying, “Providing laboratories at universities and colleges where students can learn and create using state-of-the-art VR tools will be important to prepare the next generation of innovators who will make these technologies a part of our daily lives.”

    Crytek are equally as content with the partnership with Ferhan Özkan, Crytek’s Senior Business Development Manager Partnerships & Alliances, saying “Collaborating with the IEEE dramatically broadens the potential reach of VR First and emphasizes our commitment to ensuring the program makes a genuine impact on the landscape of VR research and development at the grassroots level.”

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