Crytek on The Climb: Inspiration, Difficulty & Oculus Rift ‘Timed’ Exclusivity

    Crytek’s highly anticipated The Climb is set to launch via Oculus Home tomorrow, exclusively for the Oculus Rift. VRFocus recently sat down with the videogame’s Executive Producer, Elijah Freeman, to find out more about the story behind the The Climb and its future after that initial launch.

    The Climb is an experiential videogame in which the player must make their way up fictional mountains in order to reach a platform high above the valleys and waterways below. Played with the Xbox One controller, the player is invited to take in astonishing views as they ascend the mountainside, but all the while they must ensure that they find the appropriate balance between progression and stamina.

    The full interview with Freeman follows below and VRFocus will bring you a detailed review of The Climb tomorrow.