Cosmic Trip lands on Steam Early Access

    Cosmic Trip is a real time strategy (RTS) videogame set in space that’s coming to Steam Early Access today for HTC Vive from developer Funktronic Labs.

    Real time strategy gameplay is sure to be an interesting experience in first person roomscale virtual reality (VR), with the main focus of the videogame being to build defensive structures, harvest resources and keep an eye on supplies, as well as strategically deploy the forces you’ve created to capture alien territories. Cosmic Trip will even allow you to join the battle with your own futuristic weapons, designed specifically for use in VR to truly test your skills. The Early Access version will include a full playable wave-based mode to give the player a sense of what the full experience will be like, with the RTS style game mode to start testing in the first few builds.

    As the videogame is an Early Access title it’s still, of course, only in the early stages of development but Funktronic Labs have stated that their aim is to “build a community of players with RTS expertise to help us define what a native VR RTS experience should be. Playing games in VR is a hugely unique and personal experience, so having everyone share us their thoughts and feedback will help guide our development as we continue towards our official 1.0 release.”

    It’s expected that the final version will feature a lot more of everything, including areas, enemies, cosmobots, tools, structures, and weapons, as well as the integration of an upgrades system. Though there’s no final release date for the title, the developers expect it to be in Early Access for around 6 months.

    Cosmic Trip is available on Steam where Early Access players will receive a discount as thanks for supporting development on the expected final retail price, which will be higher as its value increases with more content.

    As further updates and announcements are released for Cosmic Trip, VRFocus will bring you the latest details.

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