Coming Up On VRTV #3: Virtual Umbrella, AMD & Albino Lullaby

    The last episode of VRTV featured the CTOs of Focal Point and Bossa Studios, highlighting the inner working of each company and their journeys to materialise their products and content. The focus has been taken from the developers and placed on those behind the scenes for VRTV Episode 3, so developers and gamers alike will be in for a treat with the guests on VRTV.

    This episode’s line-up features: Samantha Kingston, Co-Founder of VR marketing company, Virtual Umbrella, who will be talking about the evolution of the company, events they have hosted, as well as how VR is taking on mainstream adoption; also joining me is the gaming graphics guru that is Richard Huddy, Chief Gaming Scientist at AMD, who will be talking about LiquidVR, how to get your PC ready for VR, and what AMD is doing better over its competitors.

    The prize for last episode’s competition is open to four winners who will receive a Steam code for the Oculus Rift launch title, Albino Lullaby, and will be announced during this Episode, but please be aware that this competition is now closed. Don’t worry – there is another chance to win at the end of the episode, and let it be said that the team at VRFocus who attended GDC last week didn’t only bring news back with them.

    Tune in tomorrow at 3pm GMT for the latest episode of VRTV here on VRFocus.