Cogobuy Group launches IngDan Lab Providing Tech Services to Startups

    This week Chinese e-commerce platform Cogobuy Group has officially launched its IngDan Lab provide technical services and global experiences to startups and innovators. The platform is part of, and serves the electronics manufacturing industry in China providing a suite of services including hardware prototyping, supply chain resources, software patents, and a dedicated cloud platform. And part of IngDan Lab’s focus will be on conducting research and development (R&D) in virtual reality (VR).

    Through its goal of solving some of the VR industry’s technical bottlenecks, IngDan Lab will be working on data collection, content creation, and improving VR hardware. The team will also focus on technical problems in robotics and artificial intelligence.

    The launch was spearheaded by Dr. Shipeng Li, Chief Technology Officer of Cogobuy Group. Li and his team will be looking at three key initiatives for Those are: increasing the level of service to overseas markets; increasing its technology push activity to drive the development of new products and applications and the recruitment of top talent from China’s top 20 universities.

    “We are very excited about the launch of the IngDan Lab, and are pleased with Dr. Li’s enhancements to Cogobuy’s and’s business operations and technology platform”, said Jeffrey Kang, CEO Cogobuy Group in a statement. “As a result, we are increasingly well positioned to capture market share and growth from the rising volume of software applications for intelligent hardware.”

    With global interest in VR continuing to build, 2016 will likely see more international companies looking to leverage a position in the disruptive field. VRFocus will continue its coverage of all VR related news, reporting back with the latest updates.


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