Closed Beta Announced for Development Platform MaxCore

    For videogame developers there’s a wealth of options to choose from when deciding on which middleware development platform to build a project with. Big names such as Unity and Unreal Engine have a loyal following but others are available. MaxPlay, an interactive content development software company, has announced that it’s accepting closed beta sign-up applications for its Game Development Suite (GDS) and MaxCore runtime.

    MaxPlay’s GDS utilises the cloud to enable real-time collaborative videogame and virtual reality (VR) development, so that developers located anywhere can use the cloud to build projects together in real-time. While MaxCore, is a scalable, data parallel computing architecture that should enable developers to achieve higher frame rates and content scaling, thus making more immersive experiences.

    “We are hyper-focused on delivering the game development solution that satisfies the needs of innovative developers,” said MaxPlay CEO Sinjin Bain. “We are looking for creative pioneers to help us change the way interactive content is made.”

    The company is looking for experienced developers to join MaxPlay’s first closed beta test and become crucial members of the team, helping to build the game development platform. If you’re interested in applying you’ll need to be willing to work with early-stage software, quick to provide strong critical feedback, and happy to engage with other developers.

    MaxCore had its first showcase back in March at the Game Developers Conference (GDC) 2016. Part of the Intel booth, MaxPlay demonstrated the multi-threading and rendering technology using Origami Sky, a tech demo based in a Japanese zen garden featuring thousands of lanterns and flying origami cranes.

    Head to to signup, and selected closed-beta candidates will be given access this fall. For further announcements on MaxPlay keep reading VRFocus.