Chicken Charge, a new augmented reality (AR) application from Virtex Apps, LLC, is now available for iOS. As with Pokemon Go, Chicken Charge allows the player to see and hear virtual characters in a real world setting, but also you can also physically walk around the virtual objects, seeing the 3D creatures from all angles.

Chicken Charge is an active AR videogame that merges the real world with a virtual world: players walk in the real world, chasing the elusive chickens within a virtual arena aligned with the real world, while attempting to avoid ridiculous obstacles like 30-foot tall robots, herds of buffalo, and pianos that fall from the sky.

“It’s like being inside a life-size cartoon,” says Jeff Green, the founder of Virtex Apps. “It’s intended to be silly and fun, but it also demonstrates an entirely new way of playing a game or experiencing a virtual world.”

Chicken Charge was developed using the company’s patent pending Virtex Framework, which handles the mechanics of establishing the virtual world and tracking a user within it. The framework is built on top of the Unity engine, a popular development platform with millions of users.  Developers can now create an entire 3D virtual world using Unity and then add the Virtex Framework to immerse their users within that virtual world.

By using the Virtex Framework with Unity on smart phones and tablets, such experiences can work anywhere in the world on devices already owned by millions. Green says, “With the runaway success of Pokemon Go, it’s clear that people are willing to get up off the couch for a unique mobile experience.  So we’re excited to have people see what is possible when they try Chicken Charge, and we look forward to exploring new ways of merging real and virtual worlds.”

Chicken Charge Jumps on the Pokemon Go Bandwagon

Chicken Charge is available now for iOS devices, though it’s currently not known if Virtex Apps plan on bringing the title to other formats. VRFocus will keep you updated with all the latest details on AR videogames and other unique applications of the technology.

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