Carmack Recommends S7 Over S7 Edge for Gear VR

    The grand reveal of Samsung’s next generation of smartphones was met with as much awe and hope as would be expected by the audience, and with the improvements it was implied that both the S7 and S7 Edge would be equally as superior when used with the Gear VR. However John Carmack, CTO of Oculus VR, has shown a preference in the S7 over the Edge, and it isn’t just down to in depth technical reasons.

    Last night when Carmack was asked which phone he would recommend for the Gear VR, he responded by tweeting: ‘the edge pixels aren’t quite as well used, and it leaks a little more light’. This would make sense as the Edge is, of course, curved, and this in Carmack’s opinion wouldn’t do the Gear VR as much justice as the standard S7.

    The announcement came last night during the Samsung Unpacked 2016 event along with the reveal of the Gear 360 camera and some new statistics concerning the use of the Gear VR so far. It has been confirmed that with the release of the S7 there will also be a free Gear VR included in the bundle, which can now be pre-ordered in the UK from Carphone Warehouse.

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