Cambo Adapter Lets You Use Canon EF Lenses on Fuji’s Medium Format GFX

One of the biggest challenges a new camera system faces, no matter how innovative, is lens choice. But if that’s the reason you’re on the fence about Fuji’s new mirrorless medium format GFX, listen up, because Cambo has an adapter for you.

The Cambo CA-GFX is an adapter that will let you attach Canon EF lenses to your fancy new GFX, expanding your lens choices a great deal … assuming you don’t mind a little bit of vignetting.

The trade-off might seem silly—why buy a medium format camera and then crop?—but you won’t always have to crop. Cambo actually designed the CA-GFX adapter with one particular line of Canon lenses in mind, Canon’s TS-E tilt shift lenses, because these lenses provide enough image circle coverage to fill the GFX’s 44 x 33mm sensor.

Attach a Canon TS-E 24mm f/3.5L II, for example, and you’re off to the races.

There are no electronic connections between the lens and camera when using the Cambo CA-GFX, so don’t expect any EXIF data, autofocus, or aperture control. Instead, you’ll be adjusting your Canon lens’ aperture using a simple dial on the adapter itself.

Assuming none of this deters you, you can learn more about the CA-GFX adapter on the Cambo website. No word yet on when this adapter will be available to the public, or how much it’ll cost when it does, but we’ll keep you up to date.

(via Canon Rumors)

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