Bloxyz is the Casual Puzzler For All Coming to Vive and Rift

    Many puzzle videogames feel the need to step up the pace and break out of the mundane shell it originally got given. However, Bloxyz, the latest puzzler to makes it way to virtual reality (VR), is now available and embraces its humble genre but with varied aesthetics for players to appreciate.

    When first looking through the screenshots and trailer for the videogame it is easy to mistake it for the likes of Tetris, except with a laid back and casual tone.The title is a 3D puzzle where the player must fit together clustered blocks in order to clear each level, and the title plays on this concept well with the use of XYZ, referring to the three axis used for 3D models.

    The likeness to the popular arcade block title is not a mistake but instead is intentional for players to become familiar with the gameplay: “Bloxyz players ranging from small kids to grandmothers/dads are all captivated by its friendly, intuitive and recognizable gameplay and ever more challenging levels. This is a VR game where your entire family will want to take part in!”

    The way Bloxyz, developed by Svution, brings down the level of competitive pace is by letting the player take control of the time they take to place the pieces together, and with the use of the controller they can rotate and manipulate the blocks until they find a way in which it all fits together.

    Bloxyz is currently available for the HTC Vive and Oculus Rift head-mounted displays (HMD), however it is a “seated VR game, Zen and casual”, so an Xbox controller is required in order to play. It is priced at £4.99 GBP on Steam.

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