Best Oculus Go Games in 2020 (Mostly Free!)

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If you have an Oculus Go you may be thinking about using it more often due to the current situation. If you’re bored at home and need some entertainment then your Go can provide that. There are plenty of awesome games on the Oculus Go and many of them are free (or at least very cheap).

In this video I take you through the best Oculus Go games I’ve played. There’s a variety of games from puzzle to space sim and most of them are free. You’ll also find single and multiplayer options.

There are so many apps and games for the Oculus Go that it really can keep you entertained for some time. While the more powerful Quest offers a more immersive experience, the cheap price of the Go makes it ideal for casual users and kids.

If you have any games on the Oculus Go to reccomend then please let us know in the comments.


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