Best 360 camera for virtual tours and real estate (December 2018) Part 1: consumer 360 cameras

Find the best 360 camera for virtual tours, for photo quality as well as for workflow. In this comparison, I compared seventeen 360 cameras for consumers and professionals, ranging from under $100 to $5000. I took comparison photos under the same lighting conditions and compared the photos side by side. I then identified the best 360 cameras for photo quality, and the best 360 cameras for workflow. In the next video, I will show how they compare against professional 360 cameras, including high quality but affordable cameras.

Compare the cameras yourself here:

Here are the 360 cameras (for consumers) with the best photo quality:
* Xiaomi Mi Sphere Review:

* Insta360 One X Review:

* GoPro Fusion reviewed here:

* Samsung Gear 360 2016 Review:

Here are the best 360 cameras for workflow:

* Ricoh Theta V Comparison:

* Garmin Virb 360 Comparison:

* Insta360 One X Review:

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