Behind the Scenes of VRTV #5

    Boy was this episode fun to make, and I think that you guys at home could feel that too. If you haven’t watched the latest VRTV yet then what are you waiting for? It was an episode featuring Tanguy Dewavrin, who previously worked on PlayStation Home content and is now working on Atomic Universe, a virtual reality (VR) hangout that echoes PlayStation Home but is still in Early Access, and Chris Etches, a thoroughly talkative developer who created what he envisions to be the next Farmville or Nintendogs for VR.

    Tanguy Dewavrin was up first and gave a more detailed account for what Atom Universe will be like in its final form, defending himself against the somewhat mixed reviews for its Early Access release, but as soon as Chris Etches joined us on camera the mood was lifted when it seemed only natural to ask the two guests what their ideal VR hangout would be as the two have essentially created their own. The unanimous answer was a Star Wars themed hangout, and there was no doubt that the cantina would be an incredible place to hang out (a game of Pazaak anyone?).

    My two guests were fantastically entertaining, and VRTV was lucky enough to exclusively have Etches on to talk about Dream Horse which launched on the day the episode released. I had a little play around on it on a Merge head-mounted display (HMD) before the interviews took place and for a free VR videogame it was pretty impressive, which was surprising considering I’m not a 10-year-old child.

    Going back to the previous competition question, which was won by Blair Stewart (congrats!), you guys came out with some incredible answers for sure. Other than the winning comment, the other one that stood out to me was the eloquently crafted comment concerning bubble words on the VRTV #4 post. It was great to see you guys engage with the question and I will be sure to have even more fun in later episodes.

    The competition for this week is really very simple: you guys at home have a fantastic chance of getting your hands on one of five Bandit Six game codes and all you have to do is answer “Which pet would be the worst to keep in VR?”. There were already a couple suggestions after the filming of the latest episode which included a Sloth or Snail. Comment below, on the previous VRTV post on VRFocus, YouTube video, or you can even tweet me @ZeenaVRFocus so this competition is more than accessible to submit to. Make sure to enter before 2nd May and to watch the next episode to find out if you’ve won.

    The next episode will air on 5th May, and before then there will be a Coming Up post to tease what the next episode holds (and if you follow me on Twitter you will have a pretty good idea of what could be featured!). Until then stay with VRFocus for the latest news and updates in VR.