Be a Super Villain in Suicide Squad: Special Ops VR on Gear VR

    One of the latest summer blockbuster films to be released has been Warner Bros Suicide Squad, which tells the story of a group of super villains who’ve been brought together to go on dangerous missions. The movie features a big name cast and to compliment the film Warner Bros has released a virtual reality (VR) title for Samsung’s Gear VR called Suicide Squad: Special Ops VR.

    Unveiled at the San Diego Comic-Con last month, Suicide Squad: Special Ops VR puts players into the shoes of three of the antiheroes, Harley Quinn, Deadshot and Diablo. Quinn features her signature baseball bat, Deadshot has his rifle, while Diablo deals out fiery pain to enemies.

    The gameplay revolves around defeating waves of enemies with your chosen character. Survive for as long as possible as each wave gets harder, the further you progress the higher your score will be. To aid in achieving those highscores there are combos to unlock.

    Suicide Squad: Special Ops VR is free to download on the Oculus Store and doesn’t require an additional Bluetooth gamepad to play, its all done with the touchpad.

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