Authentic Curry Restaurant in Takamatsu

Are you looking for feeling Real Japan? Less touristy? Shikoku, Kagawa, Takamatsu is a fantastic place to visit.

Hi, I’m Sayuri360 and living in ‘Setouchi’ area in Japan. This time, my friend Nick was visiting Takamatsu from Vancouver, Canada. So, I took him to my favourite places!

Tan Tan MAP –

When you are in Japan, and if you do not feel like eating Japanese Japanse food, curry is the best choice.

If you are into Japanese curry, you might have heard of CoCo Curry.
CoCo curry is great all over Japan, but if you want to try a local one in Takamatsu. I highly recommend a curry restaurant called Tan Tan. They don’t have an English menu, but it has pictures on it. If you don’t know Japanese, you might point at the picture.

I ordered ‘Beef curry’. It was delicious, four pieces of the beef steak weren’t in the curry sauce. It was on the rice. I was able to enjoy it separately. My friend Nick had ‘Chicken Katsu curry’ fresh fried chicken on the rice. Tossing the rice in the sauce makes it tastier.

If I were to describe TanTan in three words, I would say
1. Elvis
2. Cozy
3. Authentic

At first, you’ll hear Elvis’s songs and other rock music from back in ’50-’60s. I bet that the owner is a big fan of rock music. In general, old small restaurants have a ‘hole in the wall’ image of. However, the restaurant looks very tidy with beautiful decor. Most importantly, it tastes genuinely authentic. This is not homemade-tasting curry, but it’s more complex.

It’s worth a try!

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