Aurel Manea Productions Launches Gear VR App

    Gear VR’s weekly update has dropped, and it includes some new content for Oculus Concepts, the section of the Oculus Store that’s dedicated to early access and content experimental content. New to the store this week is Window to the World, a free experience from Aurel Manea Productions that aims to bring users closer to photographs.


    According to the app’s description, Window to the World aims to showcase photography in as close a state as it can get to the moment in which a picture was taken, noting that it’s a ‘must see’ for fans of photography. Images use parallax to help deliver a sense of presence as users look around a scene.

    “As a photographer and VR enthusiast I have always dreamed about a way of expressing photography as close as possible to the actual moment of capture, about the moment when reality and photography converge,” the developer said of its submission. “The first trial was a couple of years ago when I took some photos and made a short film based on the famous parallax techniques but with a twist. The twist was that everything was now in actual 3d and not just 2D layers. The next step was giving the viewer a bit of input and so came to be the online WebGL version. The final step was full immersion; VR was only the natural step forward.”

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