Artificial Intelligent Intelligence Agent Software – the Future is Closing Fast

Now that DARPA (the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency) has its counterpart in the Intelligence Sector, IARPA or the Intelligence Advanced Research Projects Activity, it should come as no surprise that artificial intelligent computer bots pretending to be humans will engage Internet users in on-going dialogue. Recently, we were discussing such tactics that might be employed using artificial intelligent software at our think tank.

One thinker stated; “A being that only exists virtually. I figured maybe having an A.I. join could infiltrate, talk, take ideas, and bring them back to the programmer.”

Of course, that’s the plan for surveillance online, I think it could work with a project like Dark Web in Tucson; those guys are kind of humorous about what they are doing.

Now then, these AI interfaces have great purpose for law enforcement, surveillance, finding terrorists, threats, etc. It’s a great technology, what about Avatar instructors for learning, prisoner companions, VR instructors, simulators, talking manuals, can’t you see that future? It’s so obvious, of course, folks are working on this and they are getting pretty damn good at it. Search on this on the Internet.

Some who do not like the idea of intelligence gathering online say; “It creates more delusion by creating false entities.” And believe this to be detrimental to online human conversations. Of course, this might also slow the bag guys or evil doers and create suspicion or paranoia amongst their ranks. To this the critics ask; “Is it worth it, as regular people might be afraid as well?”

Whether this whole concept bothers you or you believe that it might help track down international terrorists is somewhat irrelevant, as it is the way of the future and we may as well get use to it.

Source by Lance Winslow