ARM to Headline at VRTGO Developers Conference

    It was announced earlier this year that there will be a one-day virtual reality (VR) developers conference, VRTGO, organised by Secret Sauce next month. It has now been said that tech company ARM will be the leading sponsor of the event and will be featuring in it too.

    VRTGO will be an industry-heavy conference concentrating on the technical side of VR that will help developers get to grips with the emerging , which explains why ARM have taken to the front stage to sponsor the event. The company will also be there to showcase its ARM Mali graphics and Geomerics Enlighten global illumination technologies.

    Nizar Romdhane, Director of ARM, who will be talking at the event, said in a press release: “We will be talking about the capabilities of mobile virtual reality hardware and sharing best practice for how to achieve highly optimized rendering effects on Mali graphics. These include reflection, refraction, soft shadows, procedural skybox and bloom that will allow users to enjoy amazing virtual reality experiences.”

    The event will be held in Gateshead on the 3rd March, and will also be featuring Coatsink and Digital VR. Tickets are available here and will be discounted at a price of £56 GBP, excluding fees, with the use of promo code VRTGO20 before 19th February.

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