Apple Co-Founder “Emotional” About Virtual Reality and Hopes Apple Develops Advanced VR

    Steve Wozniak was a big influence in the 70s as Apple was taking off and making advancements technologically, and is well-known for his role in co-founding Apple. Wozniak, although not part of the development scene right now, spoke about his excitement about the prospect of virtual reality (VR) taking off, and how it has had a strong effect on himself.

    The tech giant is clearly impressed by how VR has come along, and judging by his experience in having a hand in one of the leading tech companies in the world this is a positive sign for things to come. In an interview with TechRepublic, Wozniak weighed the potential ultimate success of VR against the failure of the 3D TV, saying: “Virtual reality is going to have a big future. It could die like 3D TV. But there will be a lot of games possible and that’s enough to make the market work. Today the smartest electronic chips are made for video games.”

    He also spoke about how technology before wasn’t something that would be seen in the home, but rather in the government and military. However, now it has become “reversed”, with the military using chips made for videogames.

    Wozniak went as far as to say he was moved by the likes of the Samsung Gear VR mobile-based head-mounted display (HMD), saying: “It takes you to other worlds. It’s so real. It’s everywhere you look. That one gets me emotional.”

    There is still a big question mark next to Apple as to where they currently stand in joining the VR race, and although it’s stated that Wozniak isn’t in the know about Apple’s developments, he still shared his hopes for what might be: “I hope Apple is working on a VR that’s advanced compared to the ones we’re seeing.”

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