9 Last-Minute DIY Christmas Gifts for Photographers

Have a photography loving fella or gal on your list this year? Feeling crafty? Running out of time to get them something? If you answered yes to these questions, these last-minute DIY gift ideas for photographers might just be your saving grace.

The ideas were put together by our friends at COOPH, masters of creative photography ideas and cool DIY hacks. There are nine in all, ranging in craftsmanship, price, and time commitment so there’s something there for everybody.

You can see each of the nine ideas and how to “build” them in the video up top, but here’s a quick overview for the readers out there.

1. Personalized photography smartphone case

Just print out your (or their) favorite photo in the right smartphone dimensions, slap it inside the back of a clear smartphone case, and voila!


2. Vintage camera bookends

If you have a couple of old cameras sitting around (or you’re willing to pick some broken ones up on eBay for cheap) you can turn them into bookends with a couple of L-Brackets and some wood.

3. DIY photo clock

Some card stock, glue, a photo, and a clock mechanism is all you need to turn a photograph into a working (and very quirky) clock.


4. Seasonal bokeh cutouts

Create a set of custom bokeh cutouts and wrap them up nice. They might just inspire a bit of creativity.

5. ‘Floating’ camera display

COOPH did this using just some L-Brackets and Sugru, but if we were you, we’d check out this tutorial for a safer hold.

6. Photography tree decorations

All you need is some photos and binder clips to decorate your tree with photos that show your family you love them… but are also broke.


7. Magnetic polaroid fridge frame

Just buy a white magnetic sheet and cut it into a polaroid frame shape. Voila, a great way to highlight your favorite photos on your refrigerator!

8. Photography snow globe

It’s easier than you think to turn a photograph into a DIY snow jar/globe. Very creative, and fun to play with, too.

9. One year of weekly photography challenges

COOPH has released the “COOPH Challenge.” 52 weekly photography challenges you can download here, print, cut out, and package in a fancy box that will keep your photo loving family member or friend inspired all year long.

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