3D TV Glasses – Track Eye Gaze and Project Screen Scene to You

Looks like 3D TV is coming to a living room near you pretty fast, and all the manufacturers of these electric marvels are working hot and heavy on delivering them to a person-tech early adopter hungry consumer. At this year’s CES (Consumer Electronics Show) in Las Vegas, 3D TV was as popular as the iPhone, Motorola Droid, and the promises of the Google Nexus One Smart Phone.

We all remember as kids going to the movies and wearing those funky 3D paper and flimsy filmed glasses. I can remember the first 3D movie matinee that I saw and how cool it was to watch Jaws III in 3D as a teen – fast forward to today and you’ll be able to watch next year’s World Cup in ED with several sports and movie channels. The makers of 3D glasses are already manufacturing them for all those who wish to partake in the surround-a-sound, flat panel, 3D living room future.

No, it will not be cheap, but as long as we are all going down this path – perhaps, until the next new thing, Holographic TV and living room gaming – I have a proposal. I propose that we build eye-tracking 3D TV goggles or glasses, so when your eye looks to a certain place, that part of the screen becomes bigger and closer allowing the rest of the screen to become less engaged. Why you ask? Well, it makes watching TV in 3D personal, and each person will get a slightly different and unique experience.

  • Is such a personal high-tech option even possible?
  • Do humans currently have the technological advancements to do this?

Yes, and imagine the uses for military, UAV flying, online or living room gaming, or simulator training? Yes, so many applications indeed. So, do we have this technology now? Yes, actually we do have the eye-tracking technology, which registers eye-gaze, and thus, all we have to do is integrate it into our future 3D TV electronic toys.

Now then, does this require someone like me to point this out to everyone? No, because in my view it is a no-brainer possible future and as soon as everyone starts using 3D TV and/or gets used to the AR or VR (augmented reality or virtual reality) gaming, they are eventually going to demand it. So, it’s time our best and brightest in the electronic toy entertainment sector get cracking and working on this newest technological concept of mine. Please consider all this.

Source by Lance Winslow