3D: The Most REALISTIC Photography Style Yet?

Photography is getting SERIOUSLY real. 360 cameras were the first step towards capturing moments in a more ‘lifelike’ way, but there’s now a NEW step and it’s called 3D! To learn the best techniques around 360 cameras, be sure to check out my 360 video course: http://bit.ly/2SR5NaG

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► Oculus Go: https://amzn.to/2SbOVPI
► VeeR foldable VR glasses: https://amzn.to/2GferNF
► 3D Video Samples (watch in the YouTube app in VR mode with a headset): http://bit.ly/VR180Videos
► 3D Photo sample from this video: https://veer.tv/photos/yours-truly-outside-sydney-opera-house-3d-389765?utm_source=url&utm_medium=share

3D photos and videos are a game changing innovation gaining momentum in the world of photography in 2019. While they’ve been available for a short while already, the blue and red glasses, 3D TVs & Movies haven’t really done 3D justice. With the introduction of handled 3D cameras like the Vuze XR, it’s now possible to capture your very own moments in time with a whole new dimension, in seconds!

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