#360Video Mushing Dogs in VR 360 Video! (with music and commentary) @ The Black Butte Dog Derby 2019

It’s 360 video. It’s VR. It’s fully immersive! Take a ride on the back of a dogsled during a five mile sprint mushing race while hearing commentary from the musher and music to support your ride into adrenaline and tranqulity! All in VR 360 video!

Use your A, S, D & W keyboard keys to look around on your laptop or desktop. You can also click and drag with your mouse or if viewing on your mobile device, try pointing your phone where you want to look!

This video was shot in 5.7K with an Insta360 One X camera. If you have questions, or would like to hire me to shoot your event, you can find my email in the “about” section of my YouTube channel.