2D / 3D Animation & Illustration Demo Reel 2019 | Omar Castillo Santiago

2D Animation and 3D Modeling Demo Reel 2019 by Omar Castillo Santiago (also known as Tío Omi). Digital painting made and animated in Adobe Photoshop Software. 3D Modeling made in Autodesk Maya Software rendered by Mental Ray.
Illustrations and characters from the first part of the video are all original characters from the fantasy novel Crawlum Multiverse: the Dragon Fortress (Crawlum Multiverse: La Fortaleza del Dragón). Copyright Omar Castillo Santiago 2015, All rights reserved.
2D Animation from the second part of the video is a tribute to Michel Bouvet french poster designer.
3D projects from the last part were modeling and texturing excercises or professional projects of IMAAD students. (Instituto Mexicano de Animación y Artes Digitales) in Puebla, Mexico. Where I collaborated as teacher as well as designing the excercises, art directing and supervising the process.
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