20 EPIC Camera Moves for your Insta360 One X or 360 Camera – 360 Camera Tips and Tricks

Here are 20 cinematic camera moves that you can do with your Insta360 One X, GoPro Fusion, or other stabilized 360 camera!
There are a growing number of experienced video creators who are really excited about 360 cameras — guys like Peter McKinnon, Matti Happoja and Potato Jet. The reason? It’s because 360 cameras are incredibly versatile and can capture an amazing third person view. To show you just how versatile they can be, here are 20 cinematic camera movements that were originally designed by Cinecom for a cameraman or camera crew. I’ll attempt to recreate them using an Insta360 One X and a monopod, and I’m going to try to do them all by myself!
Whether you’re a beginner or experienced user, you’ll learn some cool 360 camera tips and tricks for Insta360 One X or other 360 cameras
THE GEAR for this video (thanks for supporting 360 Rumors):
1. Insta360 One X – the best 360 camera right now. Free 2nd generation invisible selfie stick with this link: bit.ly/onexdiscount (add to cart to see the free invisible selfie stick)
2. GoPro Fusion – this is as good as One X but is waterproof. Downside is the mobile app. https://amzn.to/2EGbUcC
3. Rylo – this is almost as good as One X. Downside is no PC app, also no batch stitching.
4. Telesin 106in carbon fiber selfie stick – this is the super long selfie stick I used for the crane shot https://amzn.to/2C340cY
5. Wiral Lite – the wirecam dolly I used https://bhpho.to/2IPeylI
6. Bushman monopod (60-inch monopod with weighted mini tripod) – the monopod I used for the running scene and the jib shot: https://bushman-panoramic.com/poles/consumer/bushman-monopod/monopod.html?cmid=RzNFSEtGcHZYMlk9&afid=S0JKcjN0QlhyUVk9&ats=Wisvc1VFdmQ0L0k9