111 Portrait Looks with Different Lights and Modifiers


German photographer Michael Quack has created a helpful resource for photographers getting started with portrait lighting equipment. It’s a look at 111 lights and modifiers and the different looks you get using them.

Quack specifically used lighting equipment produced by the Germany company Hensel, but the setups and principles can be applied regardless of what brand you choose to use for your gear.

After setting up a gray backdrop in his studio, Quack had a model stand 5 feet in front of the backdrop. Each light is then placed 8 feet away with the center of the light at the height of the model’s forehead.

For each setup, Quack documented (1) the effect of the light on the model’s face, (2) the look of the light on the model’s body, (3) what the setup looks like from above, (4) what the set looks like from the side, (5) the same lighting setup with extra light bounced off the ceiling, (6) and details of the light and modifier.

Here are two different pages with two setups:



Quack created two massive PDFs packed with these pages. The first one contains 79 different looks:

The second one uses different cameras and lenses and contains 32 looks:

You can also download these PDFs directly from Quack’s website here and here.

If you’re looking for the specific products used in these looks, you can find them on the Hensel website and through B&H Photo Video.

(via DIYPhotography)

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