First of all, this video is not intending to be a tutorial or an unboxing of a LEGO-like (or building blocks) set; is just me, having fun building and documenting the process with the Insta360 One X camera. I did this because I want to have the video for sharing.

This set from the Chinese brand Lele Brother (乐乐兄弟), purchased in this Asian country, represents a calligrapher writing some couplets with the common wishes (春联) said during the celebration of the Chinese New Year. For those who enjoy this type of block constructions in addition to the art of calligraphy, this set is very beautiful, and it also comes with LED lights that give it a great final touch.

Some of the phrases that can be appreciated are:

• 福降人间万年丰 (which translates to something like “Blessings come to the world and eternal prosperity”)
• 一年四本行好运 (which translates to something like “Good luck to your business throughout the four seasons of the year”)
• 八方财宝进家门 (which translates to something like “Treasures from all directions come into your home”)
• 平安健康 (which translates to something like “Safe and healthy”)

And a big symbol of 福, which is used to wish good luck.

The musicalization of the video comes from:

“Alex Productions – Chinese New Year” is under a Creative Commons (CC BY 3.0) license: []

/ alexproductionsmusic
Music powered by BreakingCopyright:

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Video recorded with Insta360 One X, originally captured in a 360-degree format and the timelapse option (with a shot every half a second, ISO in 100 and shutter in 1/4000), then edited with the free capture option of #Insta360 Studio 2024 to modify speed (2X, so the final speed was 32X – 16X from the timelapse. I have used Adobe Premiere Pro to edit. add the music, and some effects. February 19, 2024.

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